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Commercial Kitchen

Thorough Grease Trap Cleaning

A clogged sink in your facility's kitchen could adversely affect the way you serve your customers. Prevent plumbing disasters by calling APEX Grease Trap Services. As our name suggests, we provide detailed grease trap cleaning to prevent clogs and associated backflows. Using the right equipment, we perform efficient grease trap pumping that removes the threat to your plumbing. Regular maintenance and on-call services are available.

Grease Traps 101

You know that your facility has one or more grease traps. But do you know what grease traps do? Congealed fats, oil, grease (FOG), and sludge that float to the top of water must be pumped and disposed of properly to stop buildup.

Grease traps prevent blockages by allowing wastewater from sinks to exit while trapping the grease so it doesn't enter the sewer lines. Traps must be cleaned periodically in order to be effective.

Grease Trap

Eliminating the Problem

Our technicians thoroughly clean your entire trap and scrape away any hardened grease. Additionally, we clean the screen inside and hose it all down with hot water to make sure all buildup is removed. When we're done, we dispose of the grease trap waste at a recycling facility licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture and maintain proper transport manifests.

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